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What should we pay attention to during transportation

When a construction site is completed, the daily task of the micro excavator comes to an end. If the journey to the next construction site is far away, it must be transported by truck. Today, let’s talk about what we must pay attention to in the case of transportation.

What should we pay attention to during transportation-Rippa China

1. First, clean the equipment and clean it up all the time,

2. Lift the bucket of the truck up to 45 degrees.

3. Install two thick steel plates at the tail end of the truck body, and then safely drive the micro excavator to rise. After entering the bucket, put the bucket right.

4. Wood is stuffed into the front, back, left and right of the crawler, so as to avoid skidding in front, back, left and right in case of braking during transportation.

5. Tie the bucket of the mini excavator and the truck together with a rope. Tie it several times and fix it to avoid rolling.


The above aspects should not be careless in actual operation. Transportation is not a trivial matter. Everyone needs to pay great attention to it.

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