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Specification For Operating Efficiency Of Mini Excavators

The utilization rate of small excavators is getting higher and higher, and many excavator experts hope to improve their work efficiency. However, while improving work efficiency, we must ensure the standardization of operation. Today, let’s look at some of the most obvious mistakes that are most easily overlooked.

Specification For Operating Efficiency Of Mini Excavators-Rippa China

1.Do not use a small excavator to perform operations such as bauxite or demolition of buildings, or insert bucket teeth into the ground, which can easily damage machinery and accessories.

2.Do not use traction to dig. After the bucket is forced to pour into the ground. This will cause excessive load on the rear of the machine and damage the track drive.

3.Try not to stretch the cylinder to the end of the stroke. Every time the cylinder is extended to the end of the stroke, it will have a great impact inside the cylinder, which will greatly shorten the service life of mechanical components.

4.Do not use the lowering force of the bucket to work. When excavating a small controlled excavator, lower the arm and close the stick and bucket so that the bucket can be excavated after contacting the material. It cannot be excavated and impacted by the rapid falling of the working device. Otherwise, the rear of the machine will overload or damage accessories.

5.Do not use the weight of small excavator for excavation. This operation may damage the working equipment.

6.Do not use small excavators for rock excavation.If working on a hard rock foundation, it shall be crushed with a hydraulic breaking hammer and then excavated to protect the machine from damage and improve efficiency. Don’t dig a hole below the overhanging cliff. The edge of the cliff will slide or collapse, resulting in casualties.

7.During operation, do not place the machine near the edge of suspension or pile.

8.Do not use small excavators for non-specific purposes, such as lifting cranes or lifting workers, which may cause danger or equipment damage.

9.Irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter the cockpit during operation.

That’s all for the standard operation efficiency of small excavators. If you want to know more about excavators, please consult.

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