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Precautions before operation of small excavator

Precautions before operation of small excavator-Rippa China


1. Before entering the site, you need to clearly understand the construction conditions and tasks. After entering the site, relevant safety regulations on the construction site shall be strictly observed. Construction conditions and tasks include: excavation of soil height and depth, underground cables, various pipelines, slope and steel wire height, tombs, tunnels and various obstacles.
2. Check whether the switch contact and circuit insulation are good.
3. Check whether the fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water are sufficient. When it is not enough, it should be added. When adding fuel, do not smoke or approach open fire to avoid fire.
4. Check the hydraulic system, operating valve, working cylinder, oil pump and other pipelines for leakage and abnormal action.
5. Check whether the wire rope clamp and fixed wire rope are firm and reliable.
6. When working on rock soil or frozen soil, excavate.
7. Check, maintain, adjust and tighten the small excavator according to the daily maintenance items.
8. Place the main clutch lever in the “neutral” position and start the engine. (if it is a crank, please note that the handle does not hurt people; if the rope has started, please do not wrap the rope around your hand). Check whether the instrument, driving mechanism, working unit and braking mechanism are normal, and confirm their correctness before starting work.
9. After the engine is started, it is strictly prohibited to stand on the bucket, handrail, track and shed. When working in mud, the movement must be gentle to avoid violent shaking and rapid sinking of the machine. You can pull the car apart with your arm, support the car slightly, and then enter your arm directly to avoid pressing the hard shell over the mud.
10. Under the chain, thicken steel, iron and wood. In short, use a hard surface of the pad so that the machine can borrow electricity.
11. If there is water on the hard bottom ramp of the small excavator, the whole arm will slide downward.
12. If you find that the chain is unbalanced in the middle, you must quit in time. Always pay attention to the chain around the small excavator. The chain is unbalanced. You can’t use the power supply and don’t idle. Once it is idling, it is likely to roll.
Precautions before operation of small excavator
13. Do not push the bucket into the mud pit, especially the mud that is difficult to lift. If a small excavator has water on a hard bottom slope, the entire arm will slide down. Working by the water, the working surface of the small excavator is located above the mud, almost the height of the water surface. Try not to make the working surface lower than the water surface, otherwise it will be easier to excavate.
14. The chain is completely trapped, but the fuselage can still save itself in the mud. You must calm down and don’t panic. You can try to pull out the dirt under the car and try to pull forward. If you move the car down, you should stop and wait for rescue.

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