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RIPPA Mini Excavator-R319-Cheapest Mini Excavator

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RIPPA Mini Excavator-R319-Cheapest Mini Excavator-Rippa China

RIPPA Mini Excavator-R319-Cheapest Mini Excavator-Rippa China

RIPPA Mini Excavator-R319-Cheapest Mini Excavator-Rippa China

R319 is a very cost-effective small excavator newly developed by our company, with superior performance and favorable price.

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The main features of this product are as follows:

The tubing is built into the boom

Grease fittings on all connections

Super large capacity bucket

One-piece stamping shield

Bulldozing shovel to add ribs

The slewing support mounting plate is integrated with the bridging

RIPPA Mini Excavator-R319-Cheapest Mini Excavator-Rippa China

[Air-cooled Ligong 192F engine]

Energy saving and environmental protection can be achieved while ensuring the high power output of the engine.

Meet the national non-road machinery emission standards.

Low noise, low emission, does not affect people and the environment.

[throttle regulator–Standard configuration]

When working, the accelerator can be adjusted according to the intensity of the work.


The bulldozing shovel increases the rib plate, the strength is stronger, the service life is increased, and there is butter at the connection Empty.

RIPPA Mini Excavator-R319-Cheapest Mini Excavator-Rippa China


[Rear super small turn]

Minimize the part of the turning beyond the outside of the track as much as possible, so the machine can turn safely and securely. Ease of operation is ensured even in narrow working environments.

[Standard assembly of dozer blade]

Suitable for various working environments.

[Rear view is wide]

Reduce dead angles, prevent accidents during slewing, and ensure the personal safety of surrounding workers.

[Driver seat]

The seat is designed according to ergonomics, and the back of the seat fits the curve of the back of the human body, which can meet the needs of users of different sizes. To a certain extent, it can reduce people’s energy consumption, and can provide a comfortable backrest when people are working, so that people can always maintain a good working condition, thereby improving people’s work efficiency.

[Reinforced Chassis]

The slewing support mounting plate is integrated with the bridge frame to increase the use strength and simplify the welding process.

[Metal Guard]

The machine cover is made of steel plate, which is not easy to be damaged. Even if damaged, it is easy to repair.

This 0.8 ton small excavator is as small and light as the product picture shows you. Users who have bought our company’s hot-selling product R319 all feedback that this excavator is light and flexible, easy to operate and easy to maintain. R319 can be matched with various accessories, and the use scenarios are rich. This upgraded product R319N has the same performance and operation as R319, and the assistive devices can also be fully applied. Based on the small excavator R319, the mini excavator R319N has more upgrades. For example, the oil pipe on the boom is completely buried in the wall, which can reduce the probability of damage during use or transportation.
The R319 excavator is very popular in the United States, Canada, Russia and European countries, and there are many distributors of our products in these regions. R319N is a mini excavator. Our company wants to go deep into the American and European markets, so that the interested customers in these countries can use a better product.

RIPPA Mini Excavator-R319-Cheapest Mini Excavator-Rippa China

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