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Lifting method of micro excavator

For Mengxin, the lifting of micro excavator is a very dangerous work. The following areas that must be paid special attention to must be remembered!

Lifting method of micro excavator-Rippa China

1. Safety lifting to avoid slipping

Generally, there is a hook behind the bucket, which is the most appropriate for lifting. Especially when the object must be lifted to a certain height width ratio, if the rope is hung on the track shoe, it is very easy to slip off in the lifting link. The selection of hook can ensure that the rope is not easy to slip off, which is the most recommended safe lifting method.

When the lifted object is very close to the excavator, it is suitable to stir up the object immediately with the bucket. In addition, if the lifting distance is not very high, the lifting hook with crawler shoe is also very convenient and efficient.

Lifting method of micro excavator-Rippa China

2. Keep the body smooth and avoid rollover

Stable car body is the first element of efficient and safe construction! When lifting, the micro excavator must stand on a horizontal working surface; If you need to lift objects on a curved surface, you can dig to a level working surface first. The orientation of the automobile chassis of the micro excavator is also very important. The smaller the intersection angle between the lifting angle and the tracked orientation of the automobile chassis, the safer the small excavator is, and the larger the intersection angle is, the more likely it is to cause the collapse of the micro excavator.

When the micro excavator is hoisted, it is actually a rod and bar situation. Always pay attention to the distance from the center of gravity of the lifted object to the center of gravity and the center of gravity of the micro excavator.

The closer the lifting object is to the center of gravity of the micro excavator, the safer the micro excavator is and the greater the lifting capacity can be stimulated; The longer the lifting object is from the center of gravity of the micro excavator, the greater the risk of collapse of the micro excavator and the more limited the lifting capacity of the micro excavator.

Lifting method of micro excavator-Rippa China

3. Effective practical operation safety first

Attention should be paid to lifting objects. When they do not need to be raised too high, they must not be raised too high. Once the micro excavator has the risk of collapse, lower the arm at the first time and quickly put the lifted objects on the road.

The final point is to ensure that there are no workers around during lifting. Before lifting, ensure that the lifting cable is vertical to avoid impact casualties.

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