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How many tips do you know about buying small excavators?

When buying excavators, price is often the first factor we consider, but in addition, what should we pay attention to?

How many tips do you know about buying small excavators?-Rippa China

01 quality stability

The model of excavator is related to the weight. For example, the vehicle weight of 30 excavator is 3 tons, but the national regulations allow 10% weight floating, so in fact, the floating range of 40 excavator may be about 3 tons.
In order to maximize their own interests, some manufacturers will use this 10% legal weight floating ratio to cut corners in the production process of excavators, thus indirectly reducing the cost performance of excavators.
Therefore, when selecting excavators, we should not only look at the brand and model of excavators, but also pay attention to their actual weight.

02 after sales service

As long as the excavator is still in use, it will inevitably fail. Therefore, when we buy excavators, we must consider how to remedy the faults in advance and recover the losses in time.
At this time, we should first understand the after-sales support ability of excavator manufacturers. How many after-sales personnel can serve the excavator at any time, whether they can help repair the equipment, if the excavator fails, whether the service personnel can come to the site in time for troubleshooting, etc.
After all, for construction sites, especially mining operations, time is money, so whether the manufacturer’s later service can be in place is an important factor that has to be weighed.

03 parts inventory

Excavator operation is a high-intensity and high-risk work. In the construction process, many excavators often cause damage to body parts due to accidents or faults.
Because of this objective problem, we must know whether the spare parts storage capacity of this manufacturer can meet the needs of all buyers before purchasing excavators. If the excavator can not work for a long time because of the lack of spare parts supply capacity of the manufacturer, the economic loss will undoubtedly be huge.

04 second hand hedging rate

The excavator will become old after long-term use. If you want to change careers or buy a new excavator in the future, you should consider the residual value of the second mobile phone when changing hands on the old excavator.
The cost performance of second-hand excavators is not high. How much can second-hand excavators of the same brand be worth, how well they are recognized by consumers, and whether they have a good reputation are also issues that need to be considered before purchasing.

05 operating comfort

Whether an excavator is suitable for you, in addition to cost performance, “feel” is also very important.
For different working conditions, the operation mode of each excavator will be slightly different, just like driving. It is also important to note whether its operation mode is consistent with your previous driving habits.
Aside from these personal daily habits, whether the vision is wide, the noise is high or low, and whether the air conditioning and circuit system are reasonable and perfect., Are all “hardware” issues that need to be considered.

06 fuel consumption

It is said that it is easy to buy a car and difficult to maintain a car. Undoubtedly, fuel money accounts for the majority of the cost of maintaining a car.
When buying excavators, we also need to consider fuel consumption. Due to different excavator types and operation intensity, the fuel consumption ratio of different excavators is also different.
At this time, while referring to the paper parameters of excavators, it is best to consult other excavators in the same industry first, and then compare the fuel consumption of excavators of the same type and different brands to select the excavator that is most suitable for your own needs.

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