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How to change hydraulic oil of excavator?

The hydraulic oil of the orchard agricultural excavator must be replaced in time, but what are the details you should pay attention to when replacing? Today, the editor will sort out the relevant information for you.

How to change hydraulic oil of excavator?-Rippa China

1. Smoking and firing are strictly prohibited at the work site.

2. When disassembling each pipe joint, the system must be freely placed on the ground to confirm that the pipe can be disassembled without pressure. When disassembling, people should try to avoid the direction of joint drainage; wear protective glasses when working.

3. During the oil change process, when the oil tank is not full and the hydraulic pump and motor are not filled with oil, it is strictly forbidden to start the engine.

4. When the upper part of the orchard agricultural excavator rotates or walks, the driver must sound the horn to warn. The upper station and standing members are strictly prohibited on the track and swing range.

5. When replacing the engine oil, complete it on the same day. Don’t stay overnight, because at night or when it is cooling, the moisture in the air will form water vapor and condense into water droplets or frost, and enter the system to rust the metal parts, causing hidden troubles.

6. When disassembling, do not damage the joint surface and thread of each pipe joint of the hydraulic system.

7. During the oil change process, the plug must be placed before and after the track, and the locking mechanism should be inserted into the lock pin; when the bucket, stick and boom are moving, it is strictly forbidden to stand below or within the range of motion.

Orchard agricultural excavator hydraulic excavator travel deviation

The orchard farm excavator turns right when moving forward or backward in approximately 5,000 hours.

According to the analysis, the main reason for the deviation is related to the hydraulic main pump, the pump regulator, the stroke spool on the main control valve, the center joint and the stroke motor and other hydraulic components, as well as the pilot pressure. Track tension. Therefore, the following checks were performed:

First, check whether the tension of the two tracks is the same. Support two crawlers separately and check the distance between a large number of crawlers and the horizontal line of the chassis. The results are within the standard range (usually 320-340mm for roads, 340-380mm for dirt roads, and 380mm for sandstone and snow).

Secondly, check whether the pilot pressure of the front and rear pumps is consistent with the dashboard. If they are not consistent, adjustments should be made so that when the engine is decelerating (engine), the pilot pressures of the front and rear pumps are 3.2 MPa and 4 MPa at high speed.

Then, the high-pressure fuel pipe of the traveling motor is interchanged with the center joint. If the fault phenomenon in the testing machine changes, the motor that is operating correctly can be cancelled, otherwise the motor that is operating normally may malfunction, and the walking motor should be disassembled. Check to find out the reason for the failure.

The four pipes of the left and right strokes between the main control valve and the center joint are interchanged. If the fault phenomenon changes during the test, the center joint may malfunction. Otherwise, the center connector is faulty and should be removed. Open and find out the reason.

The valve core of the left and right stroke control valve was tested, and it was found that the valve core was flexible in the valve body without damage, and the control valve could be omitted.

If you need to pay attention to the hydraulic oil replacement of the orchard agricultural excavator, the problems that need to be paid attention to are sorted out and the reasons for the walking deviation are completed. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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