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Best Mini Excavators on the Market

Best Mini Excavators on the Market-Rippa China

Most Popular: Rippa R319

Rippa R319 is a compact mini excavator with a weight of 1 ton.Rippa’s R319 compact excavator is one of the most popular models on the market. Its small size and flexibility make it easy to work on small terrains and confined spaces. Easy to transport and transfer, efficient and excellent job completion. Maximum excavator depth is 150 cm. EPA4 and Euro 5 emission standard, CE certificate

It’s small enough to work in tight jobsites while still being able to take on a variety of landscaping, utility and construction tasks.

Best Mini Excavators on the Market-Rippa China


The Smartest: Rippa R325

Why is it said to be the most intelligent mini excavator? Because Rippa’s R325 was the first microcomputer-controlled excavator. It can automatically monitor the condition of the excavator and automatically alarm. Let customers find faults at the first time and repair them in time. Its design is also very user-friendly, shelving. Electronic throttle, etc. are convenient for work and worry-free.

Basic parameters, weight 1.5 tons, maximum excavator depth 160 cm.

Best Mini Excavators on the Market-Rippa China


Best Mini Household Excavator: Rippa R330

R330 is an excavator with high cost performance, excellent working performance and extremely low fuel consumption.

The maximum excavation radius, excavation depth and excavation height reached 385, 205 and 330 cm respectively. This makes this machine suitable for a wider range of working environments, such as road repair, concrete crushing, burying cables, laying water pipelines, garden cultivation and river ditch dredging projects, construction projects, etc. Adopt pilot handle, easy to operate and smooth action.

Best Mini Excavators on the Market-Rippa China

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