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7 advantages of using a small excavator

There is an endless stream of mechanical equipment in the construction machinery market. There is a huge development space and potential in the excavator market; today, we are talking about the small excavator that construction workers widely love. The appearance of this kind of small excavator can bring a lot of convenience to most construction workers, help them reduce their labor burden, and the operation is simple, which can reduce the labor intensity of workers. Let us take a closer look at why small excavators are so popular!

7 advantages of using a small excavator-Rippa China

1. Broad applicability

The small excavator is small in size and flexible in maneuverability. It is very suitable for excavating various pipelines in cities and towns, such as digging drainage ditches, cable trenches, water pipes, sewage pipes, etc. The small excavator’s compact size and unique design enable it to operate in an environment where large excavators cannot be constructed. It can rely on its small size and flexibility to complete basic construction, public utilities, house maintenance, and other operations. In garden projects, the operating environment is relatively small, and small excavators can play a unique role in trenching operations, such as digging holes to plant trees and digging roots.


2. Versatility

Due to the relevant hydraulic power system, the small excavator can be equipped with many additional work tools, such as installing rollers and plate rams for the landfill compaction of the trench; installing breakers and hydraulic tongs for lightweight demolition operations; installing screws Drilling tools are used for drilling holes, fishing hooks are used for lifting heavy objects; finger clamps are installed for cleaning work and so on. Small excavators are very useful in wall breaking and other aspects of interior decoration projects. It is more convenient to go upstairs and elevators in slight earthworks such as leveling the ground, filling the soil, filling the roadbed, and backfilling the foundation pit. In tunnel engineering projects, due to limited space, the height of the mini excavator is low, and the usability is greatly enhanced.


3. Comfort

To solve the problem that most small excavators have no closed cabs, the seats are often wet and seep when it rains; we use a chair with no sewing gaps made of surface and internal polyurethane rubber. The sewing seam will no longer be damaged, and the durability is also high. It becomes a fully waterproof seat human body bionic seat. In addition, it is equipped with slides and armrests to make the seat more comfortable.


4. Less damage

First, in the past, a wide iron core plate was used, and the diameter of the rollers of the rubber track was larger. Therefore, when the track was close to the ground, the gap became larger, causing the track to damage the road surface. Small excavators use the same rollers as before, but the iron core plate used in the crawler is narrower, so the gap becomes smaller when it touches the ground, reducing the damage to the ground.
Second, noise pollution is also a source of pollution. Small excavators also do an excellent job in reducing noise, which helps protect the safety of workers and improve work efficiency.


5. Simple and easy to operate

The operation mode of the small excavator is convenient and straightforward; the joystick layout is reasonable, it is suitable for the construction personnel to operate, can reduce the labor intensity of the operator, the whole machine is powerful, and can be replaced by matching different attachments, the body design is light. The operation is very convenient and flexible, as long as the operators with relevant technology can operate. Easy to maintain, the structure of the entire small excavator is relatively simple, so it is straightforward to eliminate some faults or retain them.


6. High return on investment

Small excavators are cheap, the maintenance cost of excavator parts is relatively low, and the recovery of funds is fast. It is the first choice for many novices in the excavator industry. The manufacturing process of small excavators is relatively mature. Generally, the exterior will be treated with the plastic spray, making it less prone to rust and dramatically extending its service life. The cost is much cheaper than that of a large excavator. It can achieve the same digging effect as a large excavator in most cases. This cost includes the purchase price and construction cost, which is practical and economical.


7. Easy to transport

Small excavators generally have lighter weight and are convenient for transfer and transportation. No special trailer is required. Ordinary vehicles can be pulled away directly. The use cost is significantly reduced. At the same time, due to the small size and the use of deflection devices, it is very conducive to narrow sites—construction work.

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