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15 Ton Large Excavator

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15 Ton Large Excavator-Rippa China

Construction machinery excavator

  • The RIPPA NDI150 large excavator is a hydraulic crawler excavator and one of the best-selling large excavator models of the RIPPA brand.

15 Ton Large Excavator-Rippa China 15 Ton Large Excavator-Rippa China 15 Ton Large Excavator-Rippa China 15 Ton Large Excavator-Rippa China

Product Details Description

Economically fuel-efficient,with enhanced power.

  • Adopting FEH electronically controlled hydraulic system, reducing fuel consumption by 7% and pursuing efficient fuel economy ·
  • Hydraulic main pump main valve fully electric signal control, fast action speed, improved efficiency, and maximized customer revenue ·
  • Equipped with a Doushan or Cummins engine, it has strong power and is efficient and fuel-efficient.

Efficient production capacityand increased profits.

  • The high-efficiency engine combined with the large-capacity bucket and mine-type reinforced chassis comprehensively improves production capacity·
  • The optional 3.2m long forearm covers a larger operating range and makes loading operations more convenient.·
  • The hydraulic system has been fully upgraded, the flow rate of the main pump has been greatly increased, and the crushing capacity has been enhanced.

High quality and durable.

  • The whole machine adopts original imported engine,main pump,main control valve travel and rotary motor, with reliable performance.
  • Structural parts have been proven by the global market, can meetall-round competent working conditions, and are durable.

Comfortable cab.

  • The design concept of “driver centered” greatly reduces the noise and vibration inside the cab; At the same time, it has an air conditioning system to meet the needs of operations in the four seasons, improving the comfort and convenience of operations

15 Ton Large Excavator-Rippa China

Multifunctional electronic instruments

  • Fuel consumption management: It can confirm the amount of oil and changes in hydraulic oil in the dashboard, and can also initialize theusage time and change the maintenance product replacement cycle.
  • Engine parameters: engine revolutions can be displayed on the instrument panel.
  • Machine voltage: The voltage can be viewed on the instrument panel.
  • Waming message confirmation: Equipment waming messages can be confirmed on the dashboard.

15 Ton Large Excavator-Rippa China 15 Ton Large Excavator-Rippa China 15 Ton Large Excavator-Rippa China

Big and small arms

  • The large and small arm links are strengthened the plates are thick ened, and the manufacturing process is improved. The welding type is replaced by the intecrated casting type.

Cab protective cover

  • High-strength and thickened protective glass effectively prevents stones from being splashed during mining operations, making opera- tion and driving safe and reliable.

Oil cylinder

  • The hydraulic oil cylinder with strengthened design and integrated design can reduce welding seams and prevent the oil cylinder fror breaking easily.

Reliable weight bracket

  • The stronger counterweight bracket design can permanently protect the core components from damage, and the thickened cover plate and super-durable fixing bolts ensure its safety and stability.

15 Ton Large Excavator-Rippa China


In The End

  • This 15-ton large excavator is one of the best-selling excavator styles and is widely used in large construction sites such as engineering construction, road construction, and public infrastructure construction. The excavator is stable and safe in operation and has strong power. Its parts are from world-famous brands such as Doosan and Eaton.
  • We are an excavator factory store with factory direct sales and favorable prices.
  • Each excavator has a one-to-one after-sales service engineer, so consumers don’t have to worry about after-sales quality and after-sales service issues.
  • Free factory tour and discounted prices for bulk orders.

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